Making complex information easier to understand and use

Think-write is an Information Design consultancy focusing on the written word.

We write business cases and proposals, policies and procedures, discussion and consultation papers, reports, ‘how to’ manuals, training material, system requirements, marketing material – in fact, just about anything that can be expressed in words.

And we certify documents have been written plainly..Why people hire us

Our clients have important messages they want people to understand and act on.
We help them express these messages simply and persuasively.

Why people don’t do it themselves

Sometimes they are too busy, so we provide extra resources when needed.
Sometimes experts need help to communicate clearly with non-experts. We combine our writing expertise with the knowledge of subject matter experts to craft information products, documents and websites, that are user or reader focussed.

How we work with you


The best way to contact Think-write is by

email:  greg@thinkwrite.com.au

phone: 0418 411 046

Office: Level 10, 80 George St, Parramatta
but we are pleased to visit you in your workplace by appointment.

Think-write was established in 1996 by Greg Pendlebury.