Case studies

People love stories

Customers are interested in knowing how your products and services help.
Stories, case studies, project profiles bring your business to life. You can demonstrate how you solve unique problems and bring tangible benefits in the real world. Stories don’t replace facts & figures, features & benefits; they sit alongside, helping customers understand how what you sell can help them.

And because you always have new customers or solve new problems, your stories are always fresh. You can publish them regularly, perhaps every month. A new case study gives you a reason to keep in contact with previous customers or enquirers, and a way to keep your website content fresh (helping your search engine results).
Well crafted case studies show the breadth and depth of your business. For example, an accountant can tell how they helped a struggling family business get their tax arrangements in order as well as tell how they helped an enterprise raise capital to expand into export markets. A building contractor can talk about their work on architecturally designed residences as well as how they overcame technical challenges in an innovative high rise.

But getting stories written can be difficult. Sales people and project managers are already thinking about the next job and have little time to write about completed work.
Think-write can help. We’ve written dozens of case studies using a basic “problem > solution > result” formula. (We modify this order depending on the story.)

We focus on benefits to the customer and include just enough technical information to give credibility and create interest.

Some examples: Chatswood Interchange, Oral Leak Device, BiodiversityNoise reductionPersonal chairlift, Manufacturing to a better environment