System specifications

Think-write can help you develop and document requirements or specifications for new or revised work or technology systems.

We talk with a range of stakeholders in your business and help to define the desired output in terms of both function (what it should do) and form (how it should work). We map out the interactions between existing systems and the new system, and the rules controlling processes.

From the outset we focus on the needs of the user, the person who will be using the new system. We involve them in design conversations early on, consolidating input from a number of sources.

The output of this activity can take a number of forms, but typically a set of wire-frames is developed to articulate

We’ve worked with one of Australia’s largest superannuation administrators to define the requirements for a very large web replacement program – one that included creating an in-house clearing house function.

Sorry, no examples of this work – all Commercial In-Confidence.