Access to Writing well at work

The cost of the course is fully refundable if you become a PlainLanguagePro document certifier.


Module 1: Before you start

Unit 1: Access agreement

Unit 2: Getting ready

Module 2: Writing foundations

Unit 1: Writing as thinking and communication

Unit 2: Make it easy for your reader

Unit 3: Defining purpose, understanding audience

Module 3: Content and structure

Unit 1: Generating content

Unit 2: Organising content

Unit 3: The power of talking headings

Module 4: Plain Language

Unit 1: Plain language

Unit 2: Simple words

Unit 3: Active voice

Unit 4: Use verbs

Unit 5: Short sentences

Unit 6: Conversational style

Module 5: Refining your work

Unit 1: Persuasion

Unit 2: Testing

Unit 3: Review

Unit 4: Graphics

Unit 5: Grammar

Module 6: Bringing it all together

Unit 1: Complete your revision

Unit 2: References and resources