Our history

Think-write was established in 1996 by Greg Pendlebury, a self-confessed plain language zealot. Greg had worked as a high school mathematics teacher, a communications consultant and as a quality improvement facilitator. His passion for clarity and precision, and for expressing complex ideas simply, continues to permeate all his work.

We make information easier to understand and use.

Think-write works with large and small organisations, in private enterprise or government. Sometimes we work as an independent contractor providing specialist advice; on other projects we become embedded in a larger team. Our projects can be as short as half a day, or can extend over years – it depends on what the client needs.  As a small enterprise, we often partner with like minded people to supplement our skills to deliver excellence to clients.

In the early 2000s some clients asked us to transfer our writing skills to their people. We developed a training course in response. We continually refined and modified the course to become Writing well at work.

In 2016 Think-write established the PlainLanguagePro certification trademarks. Finally approved by IP Australia in 2018, these certification trademarks provide a rigorous method to prove that documents have been written plainly.